"The dental surgery of Dr. Lotfi Lazrak, dentist in Tangier (90040), is a medical center specializing in oral health, improvement and restoration of aesthetics. "

On your dentist's website, you can find tips and explanations on dental health: prevention is the best way to keep teeth healthy.

The enclosed forms will explain everything you ever wanted to know about:

Oral hygiene, oral diseases, dentures, implants, aesthetic smile.

Also note that the choice to protect, maintain and care for one's teeth belongs to everyone. The more frequent the consultations, the amount spent on treatment is bound to be less. To keep your teeth for a lifetime, having an inspection at least once a year, is essential.

Finally, on our site you will discover the practise team. To arrange an appointment with our dental clinic, you can reach us on +212 539 37 07 07.